Our Services

Mobile Security


Our Mobile Division provides a highly trained and professional service that is suited for the type of business, residency, and situation that requires monitoring.  The Mobile Division has a fleet of vehicles that are fully equipped for any situation that may occur.  The vehicles also provide the Mobile officers with a professional look, comfort, and the intimidation that may be necessary to diffuse any situation.  The Mobile Officers wear uniforms that also give them a professional appearance and they are equipped with the tools that are needed to handle any situation that they may run into.
The Mobile Officers are fully licensed, bonded, insured, and either come from a military, police, or security back ground allowing their knowledge and experiences to benefit our clients by providing them with the quality service they deserve.
The mobile service can be set up very quickly.  A company representative will come by the site and go over the requirements of the customer as well as point out any vulnerable area that may require extra monitoring. If building or site access is required to properly perform the mobile service then access codes, alarm codes, and keys can be given to the representative at this time.  To finish the set up process the customer needs to decide on the amount of mobile patrols that will best suit their needs.  The Mobile Officers will then proceed with their patrols to the site ensuring that all areas are fully checked according to the customers' instructions.  The Customer can also predetermine the time frame that all mobile patrols need to be completed between and may also specify times that certain patrols need to be completed for lock ups and unlocks of their property.
Going on Vacation?
Guarantee your Insurance Coverage by getting Mobile Patrols done on your property while your away. Interior Inspections of your property can also be provided to ensure that your furnace is operational, water heater isn't leaking, ensure that there is no flooding damage done, and give you peace of mind knowing that your property is taken care of.
Late Nights at Work?
Mobile Patrols can also provide you and your employees the safety needed by personally escorting them to their vehicle or monitoring over the parking lot while you and your employees leave work.




Alarm Response


Our Mobile Division provides an alarm response for over 200 Residential and Commercial properties. The alarm response service is quick, reliable, cost efficient, and is very easy to set up. 
When a mobile officer responds to an alarm they will do a complete check of the building to ensure that there has been no sign of forced entry. If the mobile officer finds an issue or notices something out of the ordinary they will contact the Alarm Monitoring Station and get them to contact the key holder.  The mobile officer will stay onsite until the key holder or local authorities have arrived. 
No matter how many false alarms our Officers receive to your Residence or Commercial property the alarm response will never stop or be suspended for any period of time.




Site Security

Our Site Security will provide a highly trained and professional service that is suited to the type of business, residency, and situation that requires monitoring. The Site Security Officers wear uniforms that give them the professional appearance and are equipped with the proper tools that are needed to secure the premises.


The Site Security Officers are fully licensed, bonded, insured, and come from a security background allowing their knowledge and experiences to deliver a dependable service.


This service can be set up very quickly following a comprehensive site survey outlining, the vulnerable areas of the building, granted access and alarm codes if needed, and an agreed number of patrols required. The Site Security Officers will then proceed with the predetermined number of patrol of your site, ensuring that all areas are fully checked according to your instructions. All patrols carried out will be on the basis of a random pattern unless instructed to unlock or lock-up the building. This procedure will prevent the public from obtaining the times that the patrols are made to the site. The client can also predetermine the time frame that all patrols need to be completed between.


In addition to the Site Security Officer doing his patrols, the Officer can also monitor the building using camera’s or Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) equipment. The benefit of having a camera or CCTV equipment installed is that the building is monitored and recorded between and during the Site Security Officers patrols. This is a reassuring system, leaving no doubts as to the number and time each patrol was made, and that the building will still be monitored and recorded during business hours.





Event Security

Our Event Security team has been trained to the highest standards of the security industry and the experience necessary to provide a prompt and professional service at your event.


An Event Security Supervisor will be posted in and around the events location to ensure a smooth operation and complete control of the event. Event Security Officers will be posted at high traffic flow areas specified by the client hosting the event. Additional duties such as checking identification, crowd control, directing traffic, and parking lot patrols will be conducted as requested by the client.


Our Event Security Officers have gained their experience by working a wide variety of events. From small scale events like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings to large scale events like cabarets, centennials, and concerts to even larger scale events like Summer Invasion and the Craven Country Jamboree.





Private Investigation

Each member of our Private InvestigationsUunit are trained to the highest standards of the security industry to provide prompt, effective, and professional services as needed. The private investigator will obtain information through the client and will provide photos and recorded evidence throughout the investigation processes if requested by the client.


Our Private Investigators have done work for the City of Regina and Rural Municipaties in the surrounding area. They will use their knowledge and experience to perform the best investigation they can from the evidence and information they can obtain personally and any information given by the client.





ByLaw Enforcement

Our ByLaw Enforcement Officers have gained many years of experience providing ByLaw services. The Officers have been trained through the S.A.L.I.B.O. program and have been recognised by S.A.R.M.


Our ByLaw Enforcement Officers have gained their experience by enforcing bylaw's, issuing notices, and serving fines for many parks and campsites. Some of those bylaws include; noise violation bylaws, curfew bylaws, and drinking bylaws.  


Our ByLaw Officers have also enforced bylaw's, issued notices, and served fines for several Rural Municipalities within the surrounding area. Some of those bylaw's include; neucance bylaws, building permit bylaws, vehicle bylaws, and dealing with complaints within the Municipalities.   





Security Consulting

Our Consulting Team will work one on one with the client to assess their needs and areas of vulnerability to ensure that the proper actions and steps are taken to provide the best possible outcome to ensure the clients safety and goals are achieved.


Our Consulting Team is made up of highly trained individuals that have many years of experience in the security industry. The Security Consulting Division takes great pride and values our clients’ needs and wants. We will provide the client with the most respectable priced and effective services by forming strategic alliances with other firms to provide services within specialty areas of operations