The Highlights

Plett Management’s building is a commercial apartment complex located on the corner of North Central Regina. Even with cameras installed, vandalism, break-ins, and squatters had become increasingly common. The property owners were so worried about their investment that they were losing sleep at night. Luckily, they were referred to Tribal Security.

After a discussion about their options, they choose to take advantage of our mobile patrol service, with property checks 3 times a night. Our security guard walked through their building every night, making sure the doors were locked, squatters or unwanted gusts were escorted out, and any needles were picked up. We recorded and reported any suspicious activity and worked with the property managers to improve the overall security and safety of the building.

After 2 months, between mobile checks and tenant evictions, the building was safe and secure. We were successful in eliminating the problem, and are only needed for special events and emergencies.

We Pride Ourselves in…

● Going above and beyond ● Excellent communication ● Reliability ● Comprehensive & flexible security options


    Unwanted guests
    Needles & drugs


    Increased property value
    Safer for tenants
    Prevent property damage

I highly recommend this company. They have seriously improved the security and safety of my building in Regina. I am extremely impressed on how they treat the building as if its their own. I encourage anyone who requires increased security in their apartment buildings to seek out their services.

Michelle Staub-Plett, Owner, Plett Management

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