What service do you recommend?

Mobile patrols are a quick and cost effective way to deter crime from your property. Where site security officers are a costly yet thorough deterrent to crime. Both services are recommended for an extreme level of safety.

When I’m on vacation can you bring in my mail

Yes we can! To make the house look occupied we will bring in your newspaper, mail and flyers eliminating any build up in the mailbox. We can also set timers for inside lights to go on and off at specific times while your away.

Do you work with Smart Homes?

Yes we are currently educating and getting familiar with Smart Home systems so we can respond to emergency situations in the home and be the first contact for Smart Home owners

Can you price match?

No we don’t. We could lower our rates to compete with other security companies but that also lowers their quality of service. We have higher rates so our staff get paid what they deserve and provide a high standard of quality service for our clients

Do you have employee benefits?

Yes we have a group benefits plan for full-time employees that have been employed for over 6 months.

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