Embark on a proactive approach to security with our Mobile Security Patrol services. Our dedicated teams are strategically deployed to swiftly respond to any potential threats, deterring criminal activity and ensuring the safety of your property and building. With a keen focus on efficiency, our mobile patrols cover a wide geographic area, providing comprehensive coverage that static security measures may struggle to achieve.

Our Mobile Security Patrols are designed to offer more than just a presence; they deliver peace of mind to our clients and residents. Regular, randomized patrols create a dynamic and unpredictable security environment, discouraging unauthorized access and potential criminal behaviour. Knowing that our expert teams are vigilantly patrolling the premises, clients can rest assured that their property is under a watchful eye, contributing to an enhanced sense of security and tranquillity.

Tribal Security takes pride in the agility and responsiveness of our Mobile Security Patrols. Whether it's routine checks, responding to alarms, or conducting thorough inspections, our mobile teams are equipped to handle a diverse range of security challenges. By choosing our Mobile Security Patrols, clients invest in a solution that deters crime effectively and provides a tangible sense of safety and security, reinforcing our commitment to creating environments where residents and clients can thrive without worry.


Mobile Security Services Include:

  • Commercial and Residential Building Checks and Walk Thru’s

  • Noise Complaints and Violations.

  • Notice Delivery

  • Needle Pick Up

  • 24 Hour Commercial and Residential Alarm Response

  • 24 Hour Emergency Call Outs.

  • SafeWalk Program for nightly cash and individuals.

  • Bylaw Enforcement

  • Door and Gate Checks and Lock Up’s.

  • Eviction Assistance

  • Building Safety Consultations and Inspections.

  • Parking Lot Checks


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