Secure your peace of mind during periods of vacancy with our Vacant Building Patrols—a vital service to prevent potential insurance complications and protect your loved ones from unforeseen liabilities. Did you know that insurance coverage can be voided if a property is left unattended for an extended period? By opting for our Mobile Officer patrols during your vacation or property vacancy, you ensure that your insurance coverage remains intact and your property is regularly monitored.

Having a family member or friend check on your vacant property might seem like a good idea, but it can lead to unintended consequences. Mishaps and accidents can happen, and if your loved ones are checking on your property, they might become liable for any claims that arise. Imagine the added stress of knowing that your insurance provider, while covering your claim, could potentially go after your family and friends to recoup their coverage. Our Vacant Building Patrols eliminate this risk, providing a professional and accountable solution to safeguard your property and maintain insurance coverage without placing undue responsibility on your loved ones.

Choosing our Vacant Building Patrols protects your property from potential threats and shields your family and friends from unnecessary liabilities. Our Mobile Officers offer a reliable and proactive approach to property monitoring, ensuring that your insurance coverage remains intact while relieving your loved ones of any undue burden.


Vacant Building Security Includes:

Contact your insurance provider to find out how often your property needs to be checked on while it’s vacant or your away.

  • Building Checks and Walk Thru’s

  • 24 Hour Alarm Response

  • Door and Gate Checks and Lock Up’s.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Response.

  • Building Safety Consultations and Inspections.

  • Needle Pick Up

  • Parking Lot & Garage Check


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