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Vacation Or Vacant Building Patrols.


Did you know your insurance can be VOID? or your Family and Friends can be liable?
When your on vacation or have a vacant property have a Mobile Officer come check on your property to guarantee your insurance coverage isn’t VOID. If you have a family member or friend checking on your property and a mishaps occurs your loved ones can be held accountable to cover your claim.
How would that make you feel?Knowing your insurance provider will cover your claim but will go after your loved ones to reclaim their coverage!


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Vacant Building Security Services Include

Contact your insurance provider to find out how often your property needs to be checked on while it’s vacant or your away.

  • Building Checks and Walk Thru’s

  • 24 Hour Alarm Response

  • Door and Gate Checks and Lock Up’s.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Response.

  • Building Safety Consultations and Inspections.

  • Needle Pick Up

  • Parking Lot & Garage Check

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