Reliable security solutions for your commercial buildings.

Are you looking to protect your investment, increase security and rental value for tenants, and decrease insurance cost for your commercial properties?

Our mobile security program allows you to choose how often you'd like a uniformed security guard to do a complete internal or external walk through of your property- checking any high risk areas and making sure that doors, gates, and other access points are secure throughout the night. Our guards can arm and disarm your alarm systems, provide 24 hour response to alarm calls, remove squatters, needles, drugs and any other safety concern they leave behind. We also can ensure that any vacant buildings are regularly checked to meet your insurance requirements until new tenants move in.
We can also provide an on site guard for access control, construction sites, fire prevention watches, and concerns of vandalism and property theft.

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Our commercial security service:

  • Helps eliminate theft and vandalism

  • Protects your property during high risk situations

  • Removing squatters and loiterers from the property

  • Locks doors and gates, sets alarm systems and responds to alarm calls

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