Rely on the expertise of our ByLaw Enforcement Officers, who bring a wealth of experience garnered over many years of dedicated service. Trained through the S.A.L.I.B.O. program and recognized by S.A.R.M. (Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities), our officers stand at the forefront of effective bylaw enforcement. With a comprehensive understanding of municipal regulations and local bylaws, our team ensures a fair and consistent approach to bylaw services.

Our ByLaw Enforcement Officers have honed their skills through the practical application of regulations in various settings, including parks and campsites. Through issuing notices and administering fines, they have contributed to fostering a culture of compliance and responsibility within these recreational spaces. This hands-on experience has equipped our officers with the knowledge and tact to navigate diverse environments while upholding the standards set forth by local bylaws.

Beyond parks and campsites, our ByLaw Officers have extended their enforcement reach to several Rural Municipalities in the surrounding area. Our officers are committed to maintaining a safe and harmonious community environment, whether enforcing existing bylaws, issuing notices, or serving fines. By choosing our ByLaw Enforcement services, clients benefit from a team with a proven track record, ensuring the effective application of bylaws to promote a better quality of life within the municipalities we serve.


Bylaw Enforcement Services Include:

  • Noise violation bylaws

  • Curfew bylaws

  • Drinking bylaws

  • Nuisance bylaws

  • Building permit bylaws

  • Vehicle bylaws


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