Unlock the power of comprehensive investigative solutions with our team of skilled Private Investigators. Armed with a wealth of criminal knowledge and experience, our investigators are dedicated to assisting clients and businesses in resolving a wide range of issues. Our team maintains open communication with clients throughout the investigative process, obtaining valuable information and providing visual evidence such as photos and recordings upon request. This transparency ensures clients are kept informed and involved in the investigative journey.

Our Private Investigators boast a proven track record, having undertaken assignments for the City of Regina and various Rural Municipalities in the surrounding area. Drawing upon their extensive knowledge and experience, our investigators conduct thorough and methodical investigations. Whether tasked with uncovering crucial details for legal cases, corporate matters, or personal concerns, our team is committed to delivering results. By leveraging personal observations and client information, our investigators employ a multifaceted approach to ensure the best possible outcomes for each unique case.

Clients can trust our Private Investigators to navigate the complexities of their situations with discretion and professionalism. With a focus on delivering reliable and accurate information, our team is dedicated to providing the insights necessary for informed decision-making. Whether dealing with legal matters, corporate concerns, or personal issues, our Private Investigators are well-equipped to handle diverse investigative challenges with skill and precision.


Private Investigation Services Include:

  • Surveillance

  • Loss Prevention 

  • Financial Matters 

  • Legal Matters 

  • Personal Matters

  • Missing Persons


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