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Top-notch security solutions for your residential building.

Looking to bring value to your properties. Tribal Security provides a mobile program where a uniformed Security Officer will do a complete walk through of your building, checking every level, parking area, stairwell or any other high risk areas. Making sure doors and access points are secure through out the night to ensure the safety of your tenants.
The Officer will deal with safety and security issues, remove squatters, needles, drugs and any other safety concern they leave behind. We can also assist with noise complaints, notice delivery and evictions.

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Bring value to your residents and property.

Tribal Security also provides a site security service where a uniformed Security Officer would be on location patrolling the property eliminating safety and security issues. The Officers can also provide a fire watch if alarm systems are down or needing maintenance and can evacuate the building, notify the property manager and contact the fire department.
Have an Officer on location monitoring the flow of traffic in and out of your property or if there is concern of a late night move from a tenant. We can post an officer on location to ensure that isn’t possible and you being notified.

  • Help eliminate break ins and vandalism

  • Removing squatters and loiterers from the property

  • Handling noise complaints and assisting with evictions

  • Providing needle clean up, Naloxone kits and drug removal

Our residential security services.

DM Plett recommends Tribal Security.

I highly recommend this company. They have seriously improved the security and safety of my building in Regina. I am so happy with their service and open lines of communication. I am able to sleep again at night knowing that Scott and his team are patrolling my building and how I receive regular updates on what he thinks we should address to improve the safety on the building. I am extremely impressed on how they treat the building as if its their own. They have a lot of pride in their work and I am happy to support this company and encourage anyone who requires increased security in their apartment buildings to seek out their services. Thank you Scott and your team! you are making a huge difference in the community and my tenants thank you as well!

Michelle P., Property Manager - DM Plett

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Residential Apartment Building .

Teamwork, communication, immediate response to repairs and evictions from Property Management were the keys to successfully bringing value back to these buildings and providing value for the residents

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