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Our residential security services.

  • Helps eliminate break ins and vandalism

  • Removes squatters and loiterers from the property

  • Alarm setting, lock checks, and alarm calls

  • Safe walk for staff

DM Plett recommends Tribal Security.

I highly recommend this company. They have seriously improved the security and safety of my building in Regina. I am so happy with their service and open lines of communication. I am able to sleep again at night knowing that Scott and his team are patrolling my building and how I receive regular updates on what he thinks we should address to improve the safety on the building. I am extremely impressed on how they treat the building as if its their own. They have a lot of pride in their work and I am happy to support this company and encourage anyone who requires increased security in their apartment buildings to seek out their services. Thank you Scott and your team! you are making a huge difference in the community and my tenants thank you as well!

Michelle P., Property Manager - DM Plett

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